Flea and Tick Treatments

Flea and Tick Treatments

Nobody wants fleas & ticks around their home or business. Fleas around your home or business can make your outdoor experiences unbearable, in addition, it can make it easier for outdoor fleas to infest your home or business via your pets if they are not treated with a topical flea treatment. Wildlife activity around your home or business can also lead to infestations. Ticks can also ruin your outdoor experiences. Besides being an unwanted nuisance, according to the Centers for Disease Control, ticks can carry over 10 diseases throughout the U.S. All of us should be concerned with fleas and ticks.

At Grace Valley Pest Control, we understand the severity of fleas & ticks. Our approach to their control is comprehensive. Not only can we effectively treat for fleas & ticks, we will give you real-world solutions that you can implement to help you manage them in between our regular treatments. Some practical solutions include:

  • Keeping grass mown short (about 3 inches)
  • Keeping your home free of rodents through exclusion and the safe application of rodent baits in tamper-resistant stations
  • Keeping pet food and water put up at night to prevent wildlife activity
  • Using DEET or an equivalent insect repellent to help keep you and your family safe outdoors
  • Avoiding walking through heavily wooded areas
  • Conducting regular tick checks when you have been in wooded areas
  • Treating your pets with a systemic, topical flea treatment

Our regular treatments involve residual insecticide lawn sprays which not only help to knockdown existing populations of fleas & ticks, but also helping to control new introductions of fleas and ticks. More importantly giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors again!

Most often, monthly treatments are recommended from March through October in Georgia. If rodents are an issue, we will recommend our home protection services which can effectively control rodents around your home or business.

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