Mole Control

Mole Control

Moles don’t have to be a constant problem in your yard. Grace Valley Pest Control has the expertise and know-how for controlling moles that are making your yard unsightly.

How do I identify them?

Moles are almost never seen above ground, so we have to rely on recognizing their activity in a yard. When we inspect for moles, we are looking for the following signs:

  • Pathways/tunnels of raised turf
  • Conical mounds

What are they feeding on?

Most people think that they can get rid of moles by spraying the yard with an insecticide. While treating the yard with an insecticide can help eliminate lawn grubs, it does nothing for the mole’s primary food source- worms! Sometimes people will recommend putting chewing gum (Juicy Fruit brand) in their tunnels to help eliminate them. This again does nothing for the moles, except waste a good stick of chewing gum! To achieve adequate control, you need trick the moles into eating toxic bait. Mechanical trapping is another option, but it is rarely successful.

How do we control moles?

The best option is the use of toxic mole bait (Talpirid EPA #12455-101). We will visit your home or place of business a minimum of 4 times over the course of a little more than a week. During this time, we are following the pesticide label guidelines which requires establishing activity prior to the application of the toxic bait. We do this because the label requires it, but also it helps us to accurately determine mole activity and to properly target them with toxic mole bait applications. It is highly recommended that only professional pest control operators apply this bait, because it is also toxic to pets and potentially humans. Do not allow pets to be unsupervised in the area(s) of application. Any dead moles should be immediately disposed of, so no predatory animals (birds and dogs) can potentially become poisoned. All label guidelines will be followed.

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