Andrew Taylor, Owner

Andrew studied both Urban Pest Management and Golf & Sports Turf Management at the University of Florida. He has extensive experience managing pests in a multitude of environments. Andrew is familiar with 3rd party auditors of large commercial accounts like meat processing, grain production, pharmaceutical facilities, and general manufacturing. He also has extensive experience in residential pest control, from lawn care to treating homes for insect pests. He has been a Board-Certified Entomologist (BCE) since 2013 (Urban and Structural Pests). The BCE certification is a rigorous exam that helps to establish an entomologist’s expertise. The BCE designation is given out by the Entomological Society of America and is considered a prestigious certification for those in the pest control industry.

Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and three children. He enjoys participating in local 5k races on the weekends. Georgia has always been a place close to him and his family, as his wife is a native of Georgia. It has been a long-time goal to come back and work in Georgia.